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how givego works

Upload your video. 

Simply upload 20 seconds of video. Choose your best video so that Givego's Experts can provide their best coaching.

Tell us what you’re working on.

Give Givego's Expert some background on what you're working on. The more detailed you are, the more pointed the coaching.

Receive slow motion video
analysis back from a pro. Quickly.

Through Givego's proprietary Expert Interface, you'll receive slow motion video analysis, of your video, with voice over, drawing and full annotation. All in the palm of your hand.


Givego has been built by Athletes for Athletes. We know that an experienced eye can make all of the difference. The only problem, until now, is that finding that experienced eye is usually time consuming and expensive. Givego is the worlds fastest, easiest and most affordable way to be coached.

Become an expert

We believe in the power of The Expert. Our experts are the best in the business- They are passionate, experienced and stoked to help others get better at their sport. Our experts are individuals who take pride in helping others by sharing their experience and wisdom, all because they love what they do.

Do you think you have what it takes? Prove it.