about us

Givego has a clear mission:

To empower the world to learn. 

We have seen first hand the value in connecting our users with incredibly smart, experienced and sought after experts, in sports. We know that when you're coached by professionals who are at the top of their game, their inspiration, wisdom and experience will make you better. 

Givego's technology allows it's users to Access the Inaccessible. 

Now, anywhere, at anytime, Givego users have the ability to connect with some of the worlds best professional athletes, most sought after coaches and instructors, all from the palm of their hand. 

Givego has been designed to bring world renowned coaching to the masses through easy to use mobile technology, available 24/7. 


Willie Ford Givego Founder

Willie Ford, CEO & Founder 

"Our technology inspires people to do their best- to constantly be improving. Givego brings excitement, joy and inspiration to our community- that's what makes me most proud." 

Recipient of Sporting Goods Business’ 40 under 40 Award in 2016, a 2X NCAA All American, and a graduate of The University of New Hampshire, Willie is obsessed with mission driven entrepreneurship. Willie, along with the others on the executive team, built POC and sold it to Black Diamond Equipment, and then to Investcorp. Willie left his managing director position at POC in 2018 to start and build Givego.

Willie decided it was time to build a business that supports both the professional athlete (the expert) and the passionate sports enthusiast when his sister went to the Olympics in 2014. When Julia got the call she was on Team USA, it was truly exciting... until she had to raise nearly $15,000 USD to get herself to the games. Willie decided he needed to build a business to support professional athletes and coaches, so they can keep their eye on their dreams while supporting and inspiring the masses. 


Taylor Mott, CTO, CoFounder

"It's incredible to hear from our customers the value that Givego has brought them. It's great to know we are building a technology that truly helps both sides of our marketplace."

Taylor graduated Humboldt University with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Math. Taylor’s most recently project prior to Givego was with a company who built Apple’s curriculum and development of the education programs for Developers. 


The most recent text book that Taylor was part of is called, App Development with Swift.

Taylor is passionate about technology, sports, and ensuring all technology we build makes people better. Taylor loves that Givego has the ability to inspire and motivate it’s users to achieve levels they never thought possible. 

Taylor Mott Givego Co Founder