expert best practices


Customer Satisfaction

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The below best practices have been established to help you achieve two goals. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction, while providing you an opportuntiy to capitalize on tips from Givego Users. We know that if you execute the below best practices, your tips will be greater. 

Givego has built a streamlined Expert Interface, allowing you as the Expert, to provide crisp and helpful feedback fast and easy. We have pulled together some tips that will help you provide a better experience for your clients and allow them to get more out of each session.



1. Always start the coach video by introducing yourself. This creates a bit of a wow factor and emphasizes the personal connection of the session. This is also very beneficial for you if the user decides to share the session on their social media.


            “Hey Stephanie, George here. I am really looking forward to helping you out…..”


2. If the user specifically calls out something they are working on in, be sure to provide feedback that is in line with their focus.


“In order to improve your ______, take a look at your stance. If you narrow your stance….”




“You mentioned you wanted to work on your _____, you can do that by….”


3. Use the Givego editing tools. Users love when you add lines and shapes to draw attention to specific parts of their video. This helps them in understanding exactly what they need to do to get better results. Simple drawing with the free-hand tool, or using a shape, will go a long way. Users will be excited about the level of detail you will provide.


4. Be positive. Highlight what they are doing well in addition to mentioning the things they need to work on. Know that many times the athletes that you are coaching are trying their best and really want to get better. Provide productive feedback with positivity.


5. Finish the video by inspiring them to continue to get better. Let them know you are available for them and would love to continue helping them down the line.


Example: “Great job today and keep working on your ______. I look forward to working with you on your next session!”


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at!