Learn from the best to be your best.

What is Givego?

Givego is a marketplace that allows experts to share their wisdom and experience to make people better, really quickly. Givego has a large community of experts, all of whom are Givego Certified and are available when you need help.

Who can use Givego?

If you are doing a sport or activity that we have experts in, use Givego. Givego has been built to cater to any ability level. Our experts are well versed and fully capable in providing productive feedback to you, no matter your ability level.

How does Givego work?

Givego was intentionally built to be incredibly simple to bring you coaching in moments that you need it.

  1. You upload a video, up to 20 seconds. You can take the video through the app, or upload from your camera roll.
  2. You tell us what you were working on.
  3. You upload the video to Givego.
  4. In a short time, you’ll receive a push notification (we suggest you opt in!) and you will have been coached from a fully qualified and approved expert.

Who are Givego’s experts?

We recruit the best experts we can. All of our experts have been accepted based on their experience, qualification or status as a professional athlete in their sport.

A few things you should know:

  • All of our experts have been verified through a 3rd party background check.
  • All of our experts have gone through Givego’s strenuous application process.
  • All of our experts are insured and covered with general liability insurance.
  • All of our experts are incredibly passionate, excited and experienced in their respected sports.

How do I pay the coach?

You do not pay the coach directly. We pay the coach for you. You simply pay your subscription fee, and we take care of the rest. You are able to tip the coach, though. And, the best part is, we do not take any cut out of the tip- it all goes to the expert.

Can I choose my coach?

We take a lot of pride in the team of experts we have on Givego. Our goal is to get you coaching, really quickly, so you can improve at your skills when you’re doing that particular sport or activity. You’re not able to choose any particular individual, but you are able to build a roster of your “Favorite Coaches” which will have first dibs at coaching you. It’s our goal to get you amazing coaching, fast. We do this by ensuring we have the best experts in the business available to coach you- when you need it.

How long will it take for me to get coached?

We are focused on getting you incredible coaching, really fast. Our goal is to get your coaching back to you when you’re still playing your sport. Let’s put it this way, if you upload a session to be reviewed as you start to hit a bucket of balls at the range, by the time you’re through the bucket, we hope to have coaching back to you. If you’re skiing and you upload a session on the chairlift, by your next chairlift ride, we hope to have coaching back to you. We are committed to high quality coaching, really fast, so you can improve your game- when you’re playing.

How do you assure Quality Assurance with the experts?

In order for experts to gain access to the platform, each expert goes through an application process. Once they apply, Givego’s Quality Assurance team reviews their information to determine if they’re qualified. Each expert has provided us with as much information as they can, to prove to us that they’re qualified to be coaching you. Whether it’s a certification through an National Governing Body, or a link to their YouTube coaching videos, we do our due diligence to make sure they’re qualified and experienced enough to coach you. In some cases, we send the potential expert a video and have them coach it. If our internal sports manager (who is likely an expert themselves) is satisfied with their response, we will welcome them onboard.

Once our coaches are onboard, much of our quality assurance is up to you! After each coaching session, our users (you) rate the expert and the experience you had with them. If an expert falls below our required rating, we will review their sessions. If they are not up to our standard, we will remove them from the Givego team.

Are your experts insured?

Yes. We provide insurance for our coaches.

Do your experts have to do a background check?

Yes. Every single one of our experts goes through a 3rd party background check.

Is Givego available on Android?

Someday. As of right now, no.

Can I tip my coach?

Yes. After each session, you have the opportunity to tip your coach. The best part is, Givego does not take any of the tip. It goes right into the coaches pocket.

How many different sports can I use Givego in?

If Givego has experts in a sport, you have access to them. By signing up as a user, you get access to all of our experts. Our mission is to make all moments coachable, so, if you are in the backyard playing hoop, or skiing down the mountain, we encourage you to take advantage of our experts.

What happens if I want to be coached more than my subscription?

This is easy! If you do not want to upgrade your subscription, you can buy additional coaching sessions for the particular month that you need the additional coaching in. Simply go to your Account tab in the app, and follow the prompts to add additional coaching sessions to your account.

Can I be a coach and a user?

Yes, As of right now, you’ll have to use a different email address. Simply create a user account in addition to your expert account. You’ll have to use a different email address. If you only have one email address, here’s a work around that may work for you. https://7labs.io/tips-tricks/multiple-accounts-with-one-email.html