Givego Raises $1 Million to Empower Brands to Provide End Users with Deeper Customer Experiences Through On-Demand Connection & Learning From Some of The Biggest Names in Sports

Dec 21, 2021

Givego helps brands like MasterCraft boats, Radar Skis, U.S. Ski and Snowboard, PSIA, and many others to maximize their pro athlete partnerships by giving them the platform to connect with and coach others in their sport, all from the palm of their hand

Salt Lake City, Utah — Givego, the leading platform that connects users to world renowned experts for on-demand coaching, today announced it has raised $1 million in seed funding, led by Park City Angels, with participation from Peak, TJ Parker, co-founder of PillPack (acquired by Amazon for $1B), Ben Keighran (sold Chomp to Apple), Warren Hogarth (former partner at Sequoia Capital, and currently founder and CEO of Empower), and Mike Maser, founder & CEO of Zero (sold previous startup to FitBit).

Brands want to engage with their customers more deeply to provide better experiences. Better experiences result in improved customer satisfaction, increased lifetime value, and stronger brand loyalty. Experiences that empower the customer to use their new products with confidence have a lasting impact on both the brand and the customer.

Givego helps brands deliver greater customer experiences by empowering their customers to connect and learn directly from their ambassadors & experts, like Steven Nyman (3X Olympian), Toby Miller (U.S Snowboard Team), Alice Merryweather (U.S. Ski Team), Freddie Winter (World Champion Waterskier), Nielly Ross (Professional Waterskier), Aaron Olson (Golf Digest Coach of The Year) and many more. By getting direct feedback from top experts, Givego users engage in their sport 3x more often with Givego than without. More frequent, deeper engagement with a sport in turn helps brands create loyalty and trust among users and helps drive repeat customers.

Here’s how it works:
- User opens up the app and chooses the expert or brand expert they want to make a connection with.
- User uploads a video (up to 20 seconds) and explain what they’re hoping to improve on.
- The user receives coaching from the expert voiced over the submitted video with suggestions on new techniques or strategies for improvement.
- User practices coaching tips and builds mastery.
- The brand receives valuable insights about the user’s growth progression and creates a deeper relationship beyond trying to sell a specific product.

Givego works with an ever-growing list of brands on the platform, along with over 500 experts in more than 10 sports including skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and golf.

“Empowering brands to provide great customer experiences through helping them get better at the sports they care so deeply about is a win-win for the brand, and the expert who is making the connection,” said Willie Ford, co-founder and CEO of Givego. “When our experts help new customers become comfortable with their new gear and technique, they become lifelong customers to that brand.”

Co-founded by Ford and CTO Taylor Mott, Givego was born after Ford’s sister, Julia Ford, became an Olympian in 2014. She was invited to join the US ski team but had to raise $15,000 herself to get to training camp to work with the elite coaches of the US ski team. After seeing her experience first-hand, Willie saw an opportunity to build a product that supports professional athletes so they can access elite, affordable coaching from anywhere in the world.

“One of my greatest passions is sharing what I’ve learned to help others improve,, and Givego makes connecting with up and coming athletes all over the world super simple,” said Alice Merryweather. “The opportunity for athletes to connect to leading brands and experts in their respective sports is invaluable, which is why myself and so many other great experts are so excited to work with Givego.”

Ford previously was President of POC in North America, one of the fastest growing companies in the outdoor industry, where he worked alongside professional athletes and saw how hard it is for brands to authentically engage their team of experts and ambassadors to provide great customer experiences. He was part of the team that sold POC to Black Diamond Equipment, and then to Investcorp in 2015 for a reported $65M USD. Mott was the Lead Instructor at a leading iOS boot camp, along with working as a development contractor for some of the world's largest tech companies. Mott has a proven track record and is a well known leader in iOS development.

“Givego is changing how people learn and interact with brands they enjoy. Through Givego’s technology, learning has never been as easy & impactful as it is now,” said Vic Petri, Park City Angels. “When people are inspired through learning, their confidence increases, and they achieve a level of performance they did not know was possible.”

About Givego
Givego is a mobile first marketplace that empowers brands, customers, and experts to build meaningful relationships that positively impact all parties involved. Through Givego’s proprietary technology, brands are able to deliver great customer experiences, which give their customers the resources they need to be their best, all while Givego’s network of 500+ experts monetize their experience by giving back and making expert advice available to all with the intention of growing the game. For more information, visit