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How to stay fit, from home.

Our experts have spoken. They have chosen 3 of their favorite ways to stay fit, and sweat, from home.

1) Corepower Yoga On Demand is free during the quarantine. There are tons of free yoga practices that will make you feel good, at your convenience. Check it out, here.

2) Mattie Mooves is a well known fitness and health coach located in Boston, MA. Mattie and her team are doing free live work out classes, via Zoom, daily. Our experts were sweaty, and now sore, thanks to Mattie's class. To sign up, it's easy. Go to her website, sign up for her newsletter, and they will email you the details.

3) We love when technology helps people get better, and healthier. That's what we are doing at Givego, but at the same time, we're inspired by FitOn. Free workouts, through their app. Check it out. Really versatile workouts, depending on what you need.

We hope these options will help you stay healthy and fit, so when you're back on the golf course, the lake, the field, or the mountain, you're ready to go.

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