GIVEGO & PSIA-AASI partner to empower all psia-aasi members to easily connect & learn from top pro’s.

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connect to the national team, evaluators & level 3 professionals, now.

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Upload your video. 

Simply upload 20 seconds of video. Choose your best video so that Givego's Experts can provide their best coaching.

Tell us what you’re working on.

Give Givego's Expert some background on what you're working on. The more detailed you are, the more pointed the coaching.

Receive slow motion video
analysis back from a pro. Quickly.

Through Givego's proprietary Expert Interface, you'll receive slow motion video analysis, of your video, with voice over, drawing and full annotation. All in the palm of your hand.

signing up is easy. lets get started.


Download Givego from the Apple App Store



A) Go to the Apple App Store.

B) Download Givego.


C) iOS 13 or newer is required.

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1) Once you have the app downloaded, click GET STARTED. 

2) The onboarding process is less than 3 minutes. Please provide the necessary information to Givego. Help us, Help you! 

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Use code: PSIA22 to Start your free year of Givego.

Givego Gold brings you TWELVE sessions a year, along with: 

  • Exclusive Content from our Experts. 

  • Priority in the Queue. 

  • Access to new, celebrity experts. 

  • DISCOUNTS on direct connects, 20%! 

  • In App Messenger allowing you to ask follow up questions!

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Get started! 

Connect withy our first PSIA professional. 

A) On the home screen, enter the PSIA-AASI Community. 

B) Pick your sport. 

C) Choose the pro that you'd like to connect with! 

D) Upload a video from your camera roll, or record in the app! Follow the steps & get going!!

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