GIVEGO & PSIA-AASI partner to empower all psia-aasi members to easily connect & learn from top pro’s, virtually.

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connect to national team members, now.

It's easy, fast & really productive.

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Upload your video. 

Simply upload 20 seconds of video. Choose your best video so that Givego's Experts can provide their best coaching.

Tell us what you’re working on.

Give Givego's Expert some background on what you're working on. The more detailed you are, the more pointed the coaching.

Receive slow motion video
analysis back from a pro. Quickly.

Through Givego's proprietary Expert Interface, you'll receive slow motion video analysis, of your video, with voice over, drawing and full annotation. All in the palm of your hand.

signing up is easy. lets get started.


Download Givego from the Apple App Store



A) Go to the Apple App Store.

B) Download Givego.


C) iOS 13 or newer is required.


1) Once you have the app downloaded, click GET STARTED. 

2) The onboarding process is less than 3 minutes. Please provide the necessary information to Givego. Help us, Help you! 

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Use code: PSIA2021 to Start your Free Trial!

Givego Gold brings you TWELVE sessions a year, along with: 

  • Exclusive Content from our Experts. 

  • Priority in the Queue. 

  • Access to new, celebrity experts. 

  • DISCOUNTS on direct connects, 20%! 

  • In App Messenger allowing you to ask follow up questions!

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Get started! 

Connect withy our first PSIA National Team Member!

A) On the homescreen, enter the PSIA-AASI Community. 

B) Pick your sport. 

C) Choose the pro that you'd like to connect with! 

D) Upload a video from your camera roll, or record in the app! Follow the steps & get going!!

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Frequently asked questions

How Does Givego Work?

Givego is a virtual coaching technlogy that allows you to connect with experts that are world renowned. Givego users upload 20 seconds of video, tell us what they're working on, and submit it to a Givego Expert. In just a short period of time, you'll recieve a 2 minute personalized coaching session. The sessions include audio, annotation, and frame by frame video analysis.

Who are Givego Experts?

Givego has a strict policy that all experts are: 1) A professional athlete 2) A retired professional athlete 3) An instructor or coach associated to an NGB. PSIA-AASI instructors currently include National Team members. Now, any Givego user can access PSIA-AASI's best talent through Givego, when they need it.

I am a PSIA-AASI Member. Can I be an Expert?

The short answer to this is, “eventually.”

As of right now, PSIA-AASI experts on Givego are National Team Members. As we need more experts, PSIA-AASI will determine which level of professional to welcome, next. We will keep you updated, as to which level PSIA-AASI member is welcome to join Givego’s Expert Community.

Who is currently available on Givego from PSIA-AASI?

PSIA-AASI National Team Members are available in all 5 sports. Adaptive, Alpine, Cross Country, Snowboard, and Telemark.

I am a PSIA member, how do I sign up for Givego?

This is really easy. Go to the Givego Pro Page on PSIA’s website. You will then be given a code to give you access to partner pricing. Once you get your code, download Givego from the App Store, and click GET STARTED. The app will walk you through the onboarding process, and after just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to go.

What is the discount for PSIA members and where do I access my PSIA-AASI discount code?

All of this information is highlighted on the Partner Page of PSIA-AASI. To summarize, as a PSIA-AASI member, you get 10% off on the Givego Gold Annual Subscription!

Where do I submit the PSIA discount code?

After you download Givego from the Apple App Store, click GET STARTED. As you are setting up your account, you will be promoted to enter an INVITE CODE. Enter it here.

If you already have an account and are already in the app, no problem. Simply click, SETTINGS in the bottom right of your screen. You’ll then see where you can enter your code, to receive your discount on your Givego Gold Annual Subscription.

What is the difference between a Community & Direct Connect Session?

A Community Connect Session: When you upload your video, this will be sent to the entire community of experts in your particular sport. The experts are then able to respond on a first come first served basis. Community Connect Sessions usually have a faster response time and are a great way for Givego users to explore different experts, to see which expert works best for them.

A Direct Connect Session: If you know which expert you want to connect with, and only want that particular expert, you can directly connect with them. A Direct Connect Session means that you send your video upload to the expert of your choice. This means that the response times may be greater, as the expert may be at a competition, on vacation, etc. Depending on the length of the response time, a Givego representative will reach out to ensure you’re still ok with waiting for your particular expert to respond.

What is a "session?"

A session is a 2 minute, personalized video analysis session, from a world renowned expert.

As a user, you upload up to 20 seconds of footage, either from your camera roll or you can record in the app.

You then tell your expert what you’re working on, if you have a focus.

Then, your expert will receive a notification that you’re looking for some feedback. They will then provide personalized instruction, through Givego’s proprietary Expert Interface.

You will then receive the completed session back, you’ll then rate the expert, give them a tip (if you want) and you’ll also have the opportunity to ask a clarifying question through Givego’s in-app messenger.

Can I follow up with my Expert?

Yes, no problem! After you receive your completed session, you have the ability to ask a clarifying question through Givego’s in app messenger.

After you ask your question, you can always send in another session to your expert. Experts love follow up videos.

Where is Givego avaialble?

Givego is currently available on iOS (Apple.)

Givego is available in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

I'm on Android. Can I use Givego?

Unfortunately as of right now, Givego is iOS exclusively. It is worth mentioning, that Givego works perfectly on an iPad. Some of our users have an Android phone, and an iPad at home... Feel free to use Givego on your iPad. To be the first notified of a web or Android version, please sign up here. We will notifiy you right away when we're on Android.