Who are Givego Experts?

Discover who Givego Experts are, how they connect with users, and why their impact is so meaningful.

When you hear the word “Expert” what comes to mind? 

Adept? Skillful? Knowledgeable? Accomplished? The list goes on, but what makes a person an expert in our opinion is experience. How a person learns and processes information to become good at something is different from one person to another. Although this is generally processed by either a visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic capacity, it takes time and practice to master a skill. 

If you wanted to become a tattoo artist, is school the best option, or would it be better to find a mentor in the industry who can teach you about shading, lining, etc… 

Finding the right teacher for you is crucially important in learning a new skill set. This is why Givego uses the term “Expert”, as an all-encompassing label to highlight our unique talent and their offerings.

Who are Givego Experts?

Givego Experts are some of the best professionals in their industries. Who pride themselves on being a resource for anyone who’s looking to get better in their field. They are:

  • Olympians
  • World Champions
  • Trainers
  • Creators & Artists
  • Professional Athletes
  • Professional Coaches & Instructors 
  • Nutritionists & Health Coaches
  • Nationally & Internationally Recognized Figures

All Experts have different upbringings, training, and learning styles unique to their character and experience. 

Why do we work with Experts?

We work with Experts to help build and elevate professional’s personal brands. Unless you’re in the top 1% of any particular sport, hobby, or passion, you’re not really making that much money. However, you still have valuable insight and knowledge in your field. As well as incredibly loyal fans, clientele, or followers who want to connect.

It’s become Givego’s obligation to foster meaningful connections between the two. Allowing Experts to monetize their skills on their own time, and build a community, all while giving back to intrepid learners. 

Experts associated with brands can also use Givego as a leveraging tool in contract negotiations as a genuine way to connect with their sponsor's customers post-purchase. To learn more about how Givego works with brand ambassadors, read here.


"A high school basketball player goes to a training camp hosted by a collegiate or professional basketball team/player. In this camp, they get to ask questions, work on drills, and get feedback from the players they look up to. After the camp is over, the player gets a credit to connect with a member of the team. They go on Givego and connect with a player virtually through Face-to-Face conversation, chat messaging, and video analysis. Fostering and continuing new relationships with Experts in their field."

How do Experts connect with you?

Givego has 4 main connection types. Learn more below.

In-App Messaging: Users can ask questions, connect with Experts and start their asynchronous conversation through a medium they’re comfortable with. Givego’s In-App Messaging is as comfortable to users as regular text messaging.

Face-to-Face: As customers start to use their new products or work on a new skill, it’s no surprise that questions which are many times outside of the company's customer service teams, come up. Through Face-to-Face, users can record a question, show them the issue, and send it to an Expert. In return, the Expert has up to 3 minutes to provide an asynchronous video response per connection.

Video Analysis: Givego’s video analysis tools allow the Expert to annotate the video, ensuring the customer understands how they can improve their skills. Think: ESPN's slow-motion analysis meets scalable consumer coaching.

Interactive Courses: Experts and brands who have YouTube or other content that explains a specific product or skill can build a Givego course. Courses allow users to follow along through video lessons and connect with Experts simultaneously along the way.  

Want to be an Expert on Givego?

Do you think you have the experience and passion to be a Givego Expert? We are looking for Experts of all types: professional athletes, MUAs, guitarists, welders, glassblowers, breakdancers, if you think people could benefit from Givego we want to hear from you. Apply here.


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